Burial Chamber Haunted House Complex




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Online tickets can be used on the same day they are purchased. (Bring your ID and we'll exchange your printed receipt (or smartphone screen) with hard-copy tickets at the VIP / Online Tickets window. Please, do not wait in the standard ticket line if you buy online tickets.)

Look at Haunted House Event Calendar to verify the events you are interested in are open on the day(s) you plan on attending.

Note: All prices listed are available at the on-site ticket booth. However, FastPass Timed Tickets are ONLY available online.

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ONE Haunted House

(Choose ONE Haunted House from Adrenaline, Insanity, and Phobia Haunted Woods)

Standard Entry: $15.00 FastPass Entry: $25.00




TWO Haunted Houses

(Choose TWO haunted houses from Adrenaline, Insanity, and Phobia Haunted Woods)

Standard Entry: $25.00 FastPass Entry: $35.00




THREE Haunted Houses

Available Friday & Saturday ONLY

(Adrenaline, Insanity, and Phobia Haunted Woods)

Standard Entry: $30.00 FastPass Entry: $40.00



TIMED FastPass Tickets to ALL Open Haunted Houses

Save approximately $5 off each FastPass ticket by picking a time you are going to come!

Click HERE for more information on FastPass Timed Ticketing.


CLICK HERE to purchaseTIMED FastPassTickets!



Fear Chamber Attraction

(Experience the Fear Chamber alone or with Haunted Houses)

Standard Entry: $5.00 FastPass Entry: $10.00




Burial Chamber (Neenah) & Abandoned Haunted Complex (Milwaukee)

FastPass Combo Special

FastPass admission through all 3 Burial Chamber Haunted Houses PLUS both FastPass admission through both Haunted Houses at Abandoned Haunted House Complex (In Milwaukee)!


Only $10 / House w/FastPass!




Spend the Night Package

  • 2 FastPass tickets to all open haunted houses for that evening
  • One Night Stay in a Traditional Suite at Comfort Suites, Appleton, WI
  • Free round-trip shuttle between Burial Chamber and Comforts Suites. Limited to 11 people every 30 minutes, please sign up with Comfort Suites in advance.
  • 2 Free Drinks in Duffy's Pub
  • Welcome Snack
  • Free large Pizza

Comfort Suites, Appleton, WI

Only $159.00 for TWO People!*

*Note: On Oct. 5, Oct. 19, and Oct. 26th the package is $199.00 for 2 people)

To order, call (920) 730-3800 

Contact for questions for the Spend the Night Package




(Must be 15 or more tickets - Cart will automatically change price for groups)

Group Rate
FastPass Timed Ticket Group Rate
FastPass Group Rate
One Haunted House
$ 10
$ 20
Two Haunted Houses
$ 20
$ 25
$ 30
Three Haunted Houses
$ 25
$ 30
$ 35
Fear Chamber Attraction
$ 4

*Group rates are available with online pricing, you must purchase 15 or more tickets at a time. (Cart will automatically change price for groups)

Please contact us at for group inquiries, timed tickets for groups, and other special offers.


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